Image of Gotara TARATALKS GUEST Ami Radunskaya on Mothers in STEM

3M: Math, music, and motherhood in the STEM + world.

Gotara TARATALK guest Ami Radunskaya shares her strategies for managing motherhood and a career in the STEM world

Mathematics, as Einstein once said, is the poetry of ideas. He also said he often “thought” in music. He was not, however, a mother. And he definitely wasn’t a mother in STEM. To distill all three of these aspects of life—math, music and motherhood—join us on May 6 when we get together with Ami Radunskaya. She is a mathematician at Pomona College in California, was a cellist in the Oakland Symphony and was a single mother in STEM as an undergrad at Cal-Berkeley. “That was challenging because I never got enough sleep,” she says. “All mothers don’t have enough sleep, but I think it’s tough to do math when your brain is sleep-deprived.” Then came grad school, when her son was starting kindergarten. “I owe my career to the goodwill of many, many mothers at Stanford,” she shared with Gotara Founder and CEO D Sangeeta. The lessons Ami learned while combining motherhood and a career in a STEM environment that is challenging for women at the best of times—will be the focus of this TARATALK. Radunskaya is also the co-director of the EDGE (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) Program, in addition to specializing in ergodic theory, dynamical systems, and applications to various “real-world” problems.  Problems that extend beyond raising a family or hitting that C6 note on the cello.

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