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Gotara-TARATALK-STEM-Career-Plan-Kim Anstett

STEM Career Path Strategies| Discover why there are no bad career moves and how empowering yourself to make a change is possible. Join us on September 23 at 1 pm (PST) for our TARATALK with Kim Anstett, the Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Iron Mountain

The pandemic has widened the gender gap in STEM, but Kim Anstett continues to go against the tide. In May 2020, she joined the 10% CTO club. That’s the percentage of women in the US who hold the role of Chief Technology Officer. Kim assumed that coveted mantle as CTO and Executive Vice President at Iron Mountain, having joined the company a year earlier as its Chief Information Officer (CIO). Before that, she worked at Nielsen for 20 years, holding numerous roles, including CIO. Iron Mountain stores and protects billions of valued assets—everything from highly sensitive data from banks to Princess Diana’s will and the unpublished recordings of Prince. Driving digital transformation is her forte—and it’s a passion that harkens back to when she was in Grade 4 and a friend’s father—who worked at IBM—taught her how to code. Kim comes from a family of engineers—her father, aunt, sister and brother—so she says it was a given she’d become an engineer. Even though she knew that was her path, her career took some twists and turns based on some auspicious experiences and encounters. Join Gotara founder and CEO D.Sangeeta at our upcoming TARATALK on September 23 at 1 pm (PST), Kim will share career pathing strategies, which include being aware of—and taking advantage of—those transformative career moments. In Kim’s case, it was discovering in her first civil engineering lab that building bridges wasn’t a smart career move.  “The number one piece of advice is that there’s no perfect path,” says Kim. “There aren’t bad career choices and bad decisions. Everything is a learning experience, and it’s important to know you have the ability to make a change.” Join us for a “learning experience” with Kim that may take your career in an entirely new direction.


Sep 23 2021


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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  • Date: Sep 23 2021
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