Thank you to Anjali Bhasin for being a part of our 140+ senior leader community helping STEM+ women around the world. We selected Anjali for our Advisor of the Month because of her commitment to our mission and because she gives phenomenal advice to our members (#ICYMI she only gets 5 ratings out of 5 from our members!). Anjali is an energetic leader with deep technical expertise and 25+ years of experience. She is currently Tax Specialist Leader at Deloitte and prior has worked at organizations such as Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Thank you Anjali for your amazing support and for helping us close the gender gap in STEM+.

Did you know

…Gotara has over 23,000 members from 171 countries who come for advice from senior leaders like Anjali.

…our umbrella is wide—when we stay STEM+ we include diverse talent trained in or working in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Plus finance, economics, data science, social science and market research in any industry.

…you can join for free and get advice to navigate hurdles you may face or grow your career.

…Gotara is built by STEM + women for STEM + women, so we get it!