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Real-Life Examples of
Expert Advice

Navigating Hurdles
How can I break into a conversation when people aren’t providing space for others?


Partial advice

I can completely relate to your concern as I have been in similar situations in my life too – personal as well as professional. It’s never easy and there is no fixed formula that works for all such situations but my here are my thoughts for your consideration:
Use visual techniques, like “raised hand” so you get the attention of the talker and others so easier to jump into the conversation…………..

Gaining Traction in a New Role
I moved into a new team lead role; however, I am struggling with stepping up when my peers (now my team members) do not see me as the lead. I want to prove myself to senior leadership, and there is so much to learn. I also have a family, and everything feels overwhelming. I want to succeed, but my nerves are getting the best of me. Any suggestions?


Partial advice

I have been in new roles where I have felt overwhelmed with learning a new job and taking care of my family, so I do get it! Here are some of my thoughts. It sounds like you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself which may be adding to your stress. In a new role, for at least the first 3-6 months, I always have felt over my head, but if you know you are smart, have a unique perspective to share, and enjoy the work, there is no doubt you will be fine. There are always growing pains…

Finding the Next Best Role
I got laid off recently and am looking for a data analyst job. That is what I did for the last two years at my last company. I did a lot of analysis using Excel, Power BI, and JMP, but not SQL, Python, or R. What level of data analytics position should I be applying for? Should I take time off from applying to improve my skills?


Partial advice

I am sorry to hear about the layoff. But, it sounds like you are ready to take your next adventure! There are many data analyst positions in technology or in business process improvement positions that you may already be qualified for. If, instead, you want a data science position, you will need additional skills in Python and possibly R. So, it depends on the level you want to apply for. One path is for you to take a data analytics position in a company you admire…..


Our Members Success Stories

After graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering, I started my first job
and needed guidance on how to succeed in a large organization.

Our Advice

One of the Gotara advisors helped me and shared words of wisdom that helped me navigate my way. She encouraged me to seek out projects that will broaden my skills and to learn everything I can from my peers. Whether that was process improvement, data analysis or doc writing and presentations, she inspired me to reflect on what I’ve learned and apply it to my future. I will carry this mindset of continuous learning and self-development with me throughout my career.


Gotara’s advisor helped me secure my first promotion and a new role at my company. She has been an excellent advisor and I am excited to be a part of the Gotara career advice network and experience the women empowerment and knowledge this great team offers.
“I wouldn’t have my dream job without Gotara. Thank you! You make all the difference!”

Industrial Engineer with Fortune 500 Company


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Gloria Cox: Senior Partner at
The Cambridge Group

Cox’s superpowers helped her land top posts such as Executive Vice President of Client Services at Nielsen. Today, she’s a Senior Partner at Cambridge, a management consulting firm.

Striving for Equality

Blazing trails is in Gloria Cox’s blood. Her parents were part of the Black American migration from the South to northern cities like Chicago. Despite living in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Gloria always felt like an outsider. In her high school class of 491 students, only three were Black.

The ratio was similarly low during her time at Indiana University, Bloomington, where she studied telecommunications. Gloria recalls meeting just one person during orientation who had never encountered a Black individual before.

“I tell women of color that they have a superpower. They have resilience and an ability to see the other—even though the other may not see them.”
Gloria Cox

Senior Partner at The Cambridge Group

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