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Read about one member’s nano-learning experience and discover how it helped her get her career back on track. 


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“I am currently an engineer in aviation, but I would like to move to the tech industry. What do I need to do?” or “I moved for my spouse this year; how do I negotiate with him, so the next move benefits my career?”


“How can I get my voice heard in meetings where I am the new person on the team?” or ” I am not feeling very productive working from home during the pandemic, what can I do?”


“I have a presentation on Friday with my executives, and I want to be well prepared!” or “I just came out of a meeting, and my manager threw me under the bus, how do I handle it and correct the situation quickly?”

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“I wouldn’t have my dream job without Gotara. Thank you! You make all the difference!”

Leah Rosso

What Gotara Members Say About our Advice

Our mission at Gotara is to offer career advice and support to women in STEM +, whether they’re just landing their first job or striving for mid- or senior career advancement. Here’s a recent Gotara member success story.


After graduating with a degree in Industrial engineering, I started my first job and needed guidance on how to succeed in a large organization.


One of the Gotara advisors mentored me and shared words of wisdom that helped me navigate my way. She encouraged me to seek out projects that will broaden my skills and to learn everything I can from my peers. Whether that was process improvement, data analysis or doc writing and presentations, she inspired me to reflect on what I’ve learned and apply it to my future. I will carry this mindset of continuous learning and self-development with me throughout my career.


Gotara’s advisor helped me secure my first promotion and a new role at my company. She has been an excellent mentor and I am excited to be a part of the Gotara career advice network and experience the women empowerment and knowledge this great team offers.


Meet Julie. Another Gotara member who shares how the advice she received on the platform helped her get her career back on track. 


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 Meet one of our Gotara Advisors

GLORIA COX, senior partner at Cambridge

GLORIA COX, senior partner at Cambridge

Blazing trails is bred in the bone for Gloria Cox. Her parents were part of that great migration of Black Americans who left the oppression of the South for opportunities in northern cities such as Chicago. But even in more enlightened times, she knew she was “the other” growing up in the Chicagoland suburb of Glen Ellyn. “In my high school class of 491 students, only three were Black.” It was a similar ratio at Indiana University, Bloomington, where she studied telecommunications. “I met one woman during orientation who had never met a Black person,” recounts Gloria in our premiere REACH REPORT. “I tell women of color that they have a superpower. They have resilience and an ability to see the other—even though the other may not see them.” Cox’s superpowers helped her and top posts such as executive vice president of Client Services at Nielsen. Today, she’s a senior partner at Cambridge, a management consulting firm.

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“I tell women of color that they have a superpower. They have resilience and an ability to see the other—even though the other may not see them.”


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We level the playing field! Develop an influential voice at the table with Gotara’s personalized skill development plan. We identify your strengths and areas for growth. From negotiation tactics to networking strategies to acing your performance review, we help you achieve your goals.

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