We’re excited to celebrate Jill Marcotte, Partner, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Dealer Tire based in Cleveland, OH. Jill is one of our 150+ Senior Leaders who give advice to thousands of women in 175 countries on our Gotara platform.

We are also happy to celebrate her recent achievements. In January, Jill was named one of the Top 100 Women in Supply Chain by B2G Consulting. She was named as one of the inspiring and hardworking women who have been making a positive impact on the supply chain industry. In April, Jill was named an Enterprising Women of the Year Award Winner. This is a lifetime honor in recognition of her success in business and leadership in the community. In addition, Jill had a feature story in Spring Edition of Enterprising Women’s on-line Magazine where she talks about her journey of a lifetime as a partner in a large automotive enterprise. In May, Jill was included in the Women We Admire 2023 Mother’s Day Campaign where she shared how motherhood is not a barrier to professional growth, but rather a motivating force behind her success. Coming up in September of this year, Jill is one of the contributors of a book by Edie Fraser, Robyn Freedman Spizman, and Andi Simon called “Women Mean Business”. This book provides 500 insights from women who are voices of mentorship who will inspire others about modern female leadership.

Congratulations Jill and thank you for all your contributions!

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