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Twice a Year Career Report for Women in STEM +

STEM Career Reach Report

The Gotara Reach Report explores strategies to build these skills based on the latest research as well as insights from inspiring women in STEM + who share the advice that changed their careers.

Issue #3

To get a post-pandemic assessment of women in STEM + careers, Gotara surveyed more than 13,000 members across 160 countries as well as non-members for our first half of 2022 Gotara REACH Report.

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the great resignation is far from over 

Gotara Reach Report

Post-Pandemic Assessment of Women in STEM + Careers 

“Issue 3” of our first of 2022 REACH report offers a deep post-pandemic look at the careers of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Companies who employ women in STEM + jobs should brace for immediate and continued resignations. Bold leadership needed to stop the attrition tsunami. 

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Issue #2

Do you know what the number #1 skill you need to have to be a visionary leader? It’s strategic thinking—and it’s not just a mindset! It’s a skill you develop and it’s a critical one if you want to succeed in your STEM+ career. In our spring 2021 Reach Report, Gotara’s COO Dana Ginn shares the three key things you need to know and the 3 things to articulate if you want to be seen as a strategic leader. In the report, Ginn also debunks some of the common myths associated with strategic thinking. That’s it’s only a mindset is one of them.

Issue #1

For our premiere issue of the Gotara REACH REPORT, we brought together six “supernova” STEM stars to ask them to share their best career advice when it comes to taking Risks (R), being Empathetic (E), using Analytics (A), Communicating (C) clearly and using their Hunger (H) (or passion) to drive their success. In other words, they were willing to REACH beyond, and so will you.