Tara Explorer Program

“Patience is only a virtue when there is something worth waiting for.”

– Writer Lauren Willig

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Tara Explorer Waitlist

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Join the waitlist to become a Tara Explorer

WHO IS A TARA EXPLORER? They’re founding members who joined Gotara to explore new ways to grow their STEM careers and connect with other women around the globe.

They also wanted to meet… Our other early explorers who are employers and partners who want to champion women in STEM, and to close the gender gap.

STEM Women joined to… Take advantage of our 24/7 personalized and confidential career advice from top STEM leaders.

Employers Joined To… Work with Gotara to recruit, retain and grow top women in STEM talent.

Partners Joined To… Build a global community around their brand.

So, Why is there a waitlist? Well, like any ground-breaking expedition, it starts with a small coterie of characters who share a common goal or dream. These members help shape the path that others will follow.

Next Steps? Over the next few months we’ll be expanding our Tara Explorer membership program as that proverbial path becomes wider. We’ll connect with you when the membership grows and you can begin your own Gotara STEM career adventure.

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