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Are you facing hurdles as a technical manager?


We’ve got your back! Technical managers, particularly those front-line, first-level managers, have a lot on their plates! Not only do you need to deploy strategy and ensure your team delivers, but you also need to lead your people and help them grow in their careers. Join us on July 11th at 8 am PT as we host Geeta Pyne, Senior Managing Director and Chief Architect at TIAA. Geeta is a stellar example of navigating hurdles as a technical manager and growing as a leader. She is an inspiration to individual contributors and managers in the tech field.
At an early age, Geeta knew she loved logic and mathematics. A friend once told her, “Your brain works like a computer. Why not go into computer science?” That was the start of Geeta’s fantastic career path. Now, as a senior leader, she excels personally and is passionate about developing and helping others. As a technical leader, she says, “It is not about you; it is about your tribe.”
Before joining TIAA, Geeta held leadership roles at Intuit, Veritas Technologies, and VMware. She also has many board positions and advises companies of all sizes. Geeta earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science and Technology.

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July 11th 2024


8:00 am – 8:30 am PST

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