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Our TARATALK webinars are for employers who want to retain and grow the talent pipeline and for individuals who want to navigate hurdles and grow their careers. 

Find Your Voice!

A not-to-miss TaraTalk focused on finding your voice and advocating for what you believe. Dr. Jayshree Seth is an award-winning scientist at 3M with a 30 year career in driving STEM innovations. She is also an Author, Speaker and Inventor with 80 patents to her name. She was appointed 3M’s first ever Chief Science Advocate in 2018.

Jayshree shares many insightful tips on how to build confidence, have a seat at the table, and find your voice to create impact. She is a staunch advocate for diversity in innovation and provides several practical tips so you, too, can build your confidence and find your voice. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some tips of the trade!

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