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Our STAR Programs are 8-week curated, personalized courses on our career growth learning platform that employers can offer to their STEM+ women to retain and grow their rising stars and top talent.  

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D. Sangeetha
PhD Materials Scientist
Founder and CEO Gotara

“At 32, I was about to quit a STEM career because I couldn’t navigate the roadblocks that were being thrown in front of me.

A mentor gave me guidance, and I stayed for another two decades.

I’ve been mentoring STEM+ women for years, but I could only help one woman at a time.

With the Gotara global career growth platform, 30 million STEM + women  have access to advice & mentoring from top STEM+ professionals.” 

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You are trained or work, in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Or if you are a financial or economics wizard, data scientist, a social science guru or a marketing scientist in any industry.

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Our mentors are carefully recruited advisors who are rising STEM stars and/or accomplished senior leaders. We match you with these leaders based on your role, field, and number of years of experience so you get targetted career growth advice.

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Leah Rosso
Gotara member, Industrial Engineer with Fortune 500 Company

“My first nano-learning experience helped me land my dream role in my company. Thanks, Gotara.”

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READ our Spring 2021 Gotara REACH REPORT on strategic thinking. Discover the 3 things you need to know and the 3 things you need to articulate to master this important skill.


ATTEND our TARATALKS with inspiring STEM + women who share their advice and strategies on how to thrive in your STEM + career. Our next talk on Oct 21 is with Puja Jaspal, on how to built diverse and inclusive teams where STEM women thrive.. Register now!


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