Congratulations to our fearless leader Sangeeta for receiving the prestigious Women of Color STEM award for Career Achievement for the 2nd time in her 26-year career. She was honored during the Women of Color STEM conference on October 6-8 in Detroit, Michigan. Sangeeta received the first award in 2005 when she was a maintenance cost engineering manager at General Electric.  

Sangeeta recently left the corporate world after more than two decades to start Gotara and reimagine career mentoring, coaching, and upskilling for women in STEM +. Sangeeta has woven diversity and inclusion in every thought, and equity in every action throughout Gotara’s start-up’s fabric, including our AI/ML career growth platform. The company is on a mission to close the gender gap in STEM + where 40 percent leave their careers within the first 7 years, and new research from Gotara predicting a higher resignation wave following the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Before founding Gotara, Sangeeta worked at Amazon, Nielsen, and GE (General Electric) where she started organizations from scratch, turned around underperforming organizations while overseeing Research, Technology, Product, and Business Deployment. She has earned 27 patents and is also the author of “Inorganic Materials Chemistry Desk Reference.”    

Gotara CEO D. Sangeeta Receives Women of Color STEM Award

All this informs and sustains Sangeeta’s commitment to serve Gotara’s 15,000 women from 163 countries who come to the Gotara site seeking 24/7 career advice to accelerate their growth. With Gotara’s unique approach to nanolearning that delivers positive impact in eight weeks, employers can more successfully start attracting, retaining, and accelerating women’s careers in STEM +.   

“I am truly humbled by this honor from the CCG group once again after 17 years and the Gotara team for nominating me,” said Sangeeta. “Starting a company in your 50s comes with tremendous assets of experience, wisdom, and problem-solving skills that allows me to give back to all the STEM women who are forging into these fields now while also paying tribute to all those who came before me. Now that I am on my second mountain on a mission to “stem” the tide of talented STEM + women who drift away from careers they once loved, I couldn’t be prouder of Gotara members, customers, and our team where all stakeholders win.”