To get a post-pandemic assessment of women in STEM + careers, Gotara surveyed more than 13,000 members across 160 countries as well as non-members for our first half of 2022 Gotara REACH Report. The REACH Report captures that the Great Resignation is far from over for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics careers, with 50 percent of STEM + women ready to quit their jobs.  



Hearing that 50 percent of women in STEM + careers are ready to join the Great Resignation is hard. Hearing that more than half of those are aiming to leave within three months is terrifying. It might be easy to point a finger at non-supportive managers, named as the top reason STEM + women are quitting. But it is time to take a long, hard look at why discriminatory management practices still exist in our workplaces, unintended or otherwise.  

In addition, contrary to popular belief, the Gotara REACH Report captures that when it comes to the STEM + workplace in a post-pandemic world, women’s reasons for wanting to leave are not primarily about compensation, benefits, or struggling to balance work and family life.  

We also found a huge discrepancy in what women in STEM + want from their employer and what they actually get 

Can we create genuinely inclusive company cultures to fix the “leaky pipeline” and benefit both women and businesses? The good news is, yes! We are beginning to see unique approaches that can reverse the trend and see positive impacts in as few as eight weeks.  


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