Gotara Career Growth

Are you a visionary TECH-savvy organization
committed to closing the
gender gap
while simultaneously achieving
diversity and business goals?

We can help!

Gotara’s career growth platform for:

Gotara employer focus

Your Employees

Upskilling, mentoring, and coaching for women employees, so they create business impact in just eight weeks, helping them feel more included, empowered, and valued quickly.

Gotara Manager Focus

Your Managers

Upskilling, mentoring, and coaching for managers, so they create more diverse and therefore higher-performing teams.

Gotara Employer Focus

Your Senior Leaders

Recommendations for leadership to remove any obstacles that stand in the way of employee growth and retention.

Why us?

We are a community of successful STEM + women and men senior leaders who know what it takes to succeed in and lead diverse teams. Learn more about our Founders.

Our mission is to create higher-performing organizations by closing the gender gap in STEM + fields.

If you are interested in recruiting, growing, and retaining STEM + women while improving business results, request a demo today!

Gotara STAR Advisors

Customers tell us we are different! You get…

Measurable results:

Participants make an impact within eight weeks.

Easy implementation:

Nanolearning and daily application without time off the job.

Gotara Benefits

Access to a coveted community:

Participants coached by successful seniorlevel STEM + experts.

Actionable insights:

Improve your DEI culture and accelerate business impact.

It works!

Some of the world’s most respected, inclusive, and influential companies rely on Gotara, including Cisco, Trellix, Experian, Zulily, WebMD, and more.


of managers & participants recommended the program.


of participants and managers saw demonstrated achievement.


of participants applied learnings to their daily work.


of participants report a 20-80% improvement on specific skills.

Gotara Insights

love us

“Gotara empowers our women in cybersecurity to gain access to confidential, personalized, and just-in-time career-related nanolearning from
STEM + leaders to thrive in their career.”

– Michael Alicea


Gotara Advisor
Michael Alicea
Chief Human Resource Officer,

We need more and more women leaders in our organization. She [the participant] told me nothing but amazing things about the program, and I definitely see a great improvement in her confidence in taking new initiatives. I will keep preparing her for bigger and better things in this organization.Manager 

With help from Gotara’s STAR Program, I can see endless possibilities for her (the participant). With her new approach and focus, I’m confident great things are heading her way. Manager 

“Gotara helped our organization so much, I will take Gotara with me where ever I go.” CHRO 

Why STEM +
love us

“The productivity tips are working. My stress level is down, and I get my work done in 9 hours when it used to take 14 hours—a 36% productivity gain.

“Thank you so much, Gotara. I am more confident in conversations and presenting ideas. The tools and tips provided were extremely effective and continue to stay with me as I progress every day. 

“I feel more valued and respected. I’m more confident, and I’m helping my organization prioritize initiatives in a new and more effective way.“

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And join us to recruit, retain, and grow diverse talent and “stem” the tide of talented STEM + women who drift away from careers they once loved.
STEM + Women
1 to 15 Years Experience


You want to grow in your career or you’re feeling stuck–we can help you!

Managers Who
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Gotara Voyager Program


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University Graduates
Gotara Rising STAR Program


You’ve just launched your career. Learn key skills and shorten your learning curve to highlight your potential!