Close the Gender Gap by Elevating Performance of STEM+ Teams

We’ve Been in the Same Troubled Waters

Our founder and CEO, Dr. D Sangeeta, has seen the list of hurdles women and technical managers face in small and large organizations.

She used data to reveal hidden aspects of gender inequality in STEM+ and identify solutions to “impossible” problems.


Our mission is to help STEM+ women stay and
thrive in their careers and to help
leaders who share this goal.








About us

Meet Our Founder

A woman with a clear mission to close the gender gap is behind this innovative upskilling program for STEM+ talent

D Sangeeta, PhD


Founder and CEO of Gotara

As a C-suite STEM+ leader, Sangeeta managed global teams of 5,000+, so she knows firsthand what happens when these women leave.

Sangeeta left her role at Amazon as VP of Connections in 2020 to launch Gotara. Yes, it was in the middle of the pandemic, but Sangeeta has been an innovator and pioneer all her life. Putting her dream on hold wasn’t an option.

Her dream – to work with organizations to mentor and upskill their STEM+ women and their managers – was inspired by two career-defining moments in her life.

Isolated Without
a Safe Space

As a first-time manager, Sangeeta stood her ground on an extremely tough decision, even though she expected she would have to quit or be fired.

“Two months later, my decision was approved by upper management, but during that time, I was under incredible stress, and there wasn‘t anyone I could talk to. If I had a trusted external advisor, I would have felt less vulnerable, and the situation would have resolved itself.”

Dr. D Sangeeta
Founder and CEO of Gotara

Bridging the
Leadership Gap

Later, when Sangeeta became an executive leader, she experienced a challenge that many leaders face when building a diverse team.

Although 50 percent of her staff were women, she needed more of them in middle management and senior positions to fill her pipeline.

“I decided to focus on promoting women from lower levels to create the diversity I needed and generate the business results I wanted. I coached and mentored them, and they went on to become the organization’s top senior talent.”

Dr. D Sangeeta
Founder and CEO of Gotara

From Vision to Global Impact

When Sangeeta reflected upon her career, she realized that she had uncovered the key to increasing women in STEM+ careers and closing the gender gap.

The solution? A high-potential leadership program that upskills women and their managers in a safe space with access to elite advisors.

Gotara was born. And today we partner with small, medium and enterprise businesses and have members in 175+ countries.


Are you looking to boost your diversity and produce measurable business results?


Are you looking to boost your career, join the STEM+ community?

In Comes the Co-Founder

Dana Ginn

Co-Founder and COO of Gotara

Dana is a successful STEM+ woman with a 25+ year career that involved improving operations and mentoring talent.

Her experiences across many industries and academia fuel her passion for educating and coaching others. And her experience of often being the only woman in the room ignites her desire to close the gender gap.

Dana draws upon her wide-ranging experience to create Gotara‘s upskilling strategy and content that reflects leading with an inclusive mindset.

“I took on my first manager role when I was 27, and my team was considerably older. I knew I had to develop trust quickly. I also know what it‘s like to juggle personal and professional demands.

There was a time in my career when I held down two consulting jobs as a single mom. Then there was the time I was the only woman engineer working in an oil refinery. That took some chutzpah, but I dug deep to earn respect.”

Dana Ginn
Co-Founder and COO of Gotara


Not Just Another Upskilling, Mentoring, and Coaching Program to Close the Gender Gap

We go beyond other programs, emphasizing STEM+ talent to drive business
impact by merging results with diversity goals.

We Don’t Use Fuzzy Metrics

We go beyond other programs, emphasizing STEM+ talent to drive business
impact by merging results with diversity goals.


speed and quality of advice


4 to 5 coaches rating extremely effective


4 to 5 advice ratings


applied learnings to their daily work

It’s a Win-Win!

Gotara’s 8-week upskilling career sprints equip women and their managers to deliver business ROI and enable career acceleration.

As they grow, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Are you a business leader looking to fill your leadership pipeline and produce measurable business results?

Are you looking to boost your career, join the STEM+ community?