Career path strategies: Seven ways to land your dream job.

TARATALK GUEST Jessica Vandenberghe shares her career path strategies.

Jessica Vandenberghe¬†grew up on an Alberta farm where the list of career options was relatively narrow. You farmed, you worked in a local store, or if you had “smarts,” you became a lawyer, doctor or teacher. Vandenberghe was set to pursue medicine until a chemical engineer came to speak to her Grade 11 chemistry class. “It was the first engineer I had ever met, and I knew then that being an engineer was a better fit for my personality,” she says. In this TARATALK, she joins¬†Founder and CEO D Sangeeta to share seven career path strategies that have influenced her decisions as she transitioned from oil sands, mining, regulatory, infrastructure, and consulting industries to academia. Jessica, who is from the Dene Tha First Nation has a M.Sc degree in Engineering from the University of Alberta. She is among the 0.0007% of engineering graduates who identify as First Nations in Canada. Today she’s an Industrial Professor and the Assistant Dean (Outreach) of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. She is a mother of two and is passionate about equity, diversity and inclusion. She sits on many boards and Councils, walks in many governance worlds, and does her best to contribute to the development of well-rounded and ethically-minded engineering students.



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