We’re excited to announce that Gloria Cox, Senior Partner at The Cambridge Group (now part of PA Consulting), has been named Gotara’s February Advisor of the Month. Gloria is also a Board Member and an Ordained UCC Minister with 7 years of parish ministry experience and 25+ years leading business strategy and growth consulting teams to achieve winning outcomes for clients.  

Gloria is also one of Gotara’s founding senior advisors and is committed to sharing her expertise with others. Her detailed advice, thoughtful support, and encouragement earned her a 5-star rating on virtually every piece of advice she provided. She has had extensive marketing science experience, and her compassionate pastoral work gives her an edge in the marketplace. Thank you, Gloria, for everything you do to support companies, non-profits, and Gotara.  

Gloria is one of 130+ expert advisors who have succeeded in STEM+ fields and support our 20,000+ members from 168 countries on the Gotara platform.  

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