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The Gotara SPECIAL Reach Report explores strategies to build these skills based on the latest research as well as insights from inspiring women in STEM + who share the advice that changed their careers.

Issue #2

In our Spring 2021 REACH SPECIAL REPORT we explore one of the most important skills a STEM+ woman needs to succeed: Strategic Thinking


STRATEGIC THINKING: What you need to know 


Dana Ginn 
COO Gotara and author of this month’s
REACH REPORT on Strategic Thinking 

I was working as a mechanical engineer in the petrochemical industry when my boss told me that to get ahead in the organization, I needed to be a better “strategic thinker.” I was a highly rated team member who had received two promotions within four years. Yet I had no clue how to be a better “strategic thinker.” No one at the university, no one in my network and no boss had ever used this phrase with me before. In our Reach Report this month I outline steps to becoming a strategic thinker.

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