We’re excited to announce that Colleen Athans, retired VP Global Supply Chain GE Aviation, has been named Gotara’s October Advisor of the Month. Athans, an engineer by training, is a recognized leader with deep skills in supply chain, Six Sigma, manufacturing and more.  

Senior Supply Chain and Engineering Leader Gives Back 

Joining Gotara in 2021, Athans was one of the first leaders to become an Advisor. She is part of a strategic team of over 100 women and men advisors who provide career growth advice to the STEM + women on the Gotara platform used by companies like Cisco, Trellix, Experian and more. Athans has stood out for her ability to provide timely, encouraging, and actionable advice to help engineering and operations professionals facing historical challenges.  


Access to Timely Advice is Critical for Professional Development  

With the COVID-19 pandemic and a predicted recession creating serious headwinds for leaders responsible for supply chain and manufacturing, it’s critical that professionals in these areas have someone they can turn to who has been in the trenches. Who better than Athans? A 35+ year veteran who spent most of her career at GE Aviation. Athan’s expertise spans all areas of global supply chain management and product management, including testing, assembly, and distribution. 

Gotara Puts Advice Front and Center to Accelerate Women’s Careers in STEM + 

On-demand access to personal advice from professionals like Athans and last month’s featured advisor Meenal Iyer is a critical component of Gotara’s mission to stop the leaky funnel of women leaving STEM careers early. The advice is always relevant and confidential across long-term, tactical, and urgent areas at just the right time when women need to feel empowered to advance their STEM + careers.  

Take time today to celebrate Colleen Athans! And, if you are an ally to Women in STEM leaders who is ready to make a difference, consider becoming a Gotara Advisor today! 

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