The beginning 

As a child Suzie Rurode leaned more toward the artsy side of the equation, preferring to spend her time coloring, painting or listening to music. But this STEM champion discovered advanced mathematics in high school and replaced her paintbrushes with protractors. By the time she entered the professional world, her STEM story focused totally on technology as she was leading multi-million-dollar clients and businesses through globalization. Technology is what enabled her to run large businesses and client relationships in more than 100 countries in the world.

Why Suzie’s a Gotara STEM champion
“It’s such a powerful platform, and it’s important for me to give back because I’ve had so many great mentors and received such great advice along the way that helped me succeed and experience amazing opportunities. In my role managing global customer relationships, I estimate I’ve traveled to 50 countries—some of them up to 50 times!”

What’s it like to be a Gotara advisor?
“I love it! I get so excited when I get an STEM advisor request because it’s a chance for me to give back. I’ve had such wonderful opportunities and learned so much that it feels good to be able to pass those learnings along to other women.”

Why just-in-time nano-learning makes a difference?
“What I think is so great about Gotara is that STEM women can go onto the platform and ask questions that they might be afraid to ask in front of anybody else. The exchange is anonymous, which puts people at ease. You might have a great 1:1 mentor in your life, but there might be topics that still feel too personal to discuss, but on the Gotara platform, that isn’t an issue. There’s so much discussion about bringing your whole best self to work, but that can be tricky, but the Gotara platform allows people to bring their full self forward; they don’t have to hold anything back. It’s amazing.”

Why the in-depth nano-learning STAR Programs make a difference for STEM women?
“A lot of companies offer online training portals or send you to take classes, but it just feels different when you’re nominated to participate in a program, like Gotara’s STAR Program. You feel special, and you feel like your employer is making a real investment in your career. What I also love is the program is presented in 15-minute daily modules. I remember going to classes for a week and coming back to the office with a huge binder that I never looked at again. With Gotara’s STAR programs, you’re putting into practice the strategies you’re learning daily. You reflect on what is and isn’t working and get feedback from your coach. It’s instructive, but also hugely motivating to see immediate impact from your actions.”

We’re excited to have Suzie as a STEM Champion!