Learn how our 8-week career sprint program helps businesses upskill, mentor, and coach diverse talent with the support of a community of STEM+ experts. Celebrate our customers, including Trellix, who are driving DEI strategies for higher-performing and diverse teams. Request a demo today!

Driving DEI Strategies for Business Success: Celebrating Trellix and Our Customers

At Gotara we work with esteemed customers who are creating progressive approaches to diverse candidate career development.

What do these customers have in common? They partner with us to upskill, mentor, and coach talent. All in a safe space with the support of a community of eminent STEM+ experts! As a result, participants grow, feel more valued, and empowered, all within an 8-week career sprint.

We celebrate our customers and all they do to create higher-performing and diverse teams. Find out more about one of our customers, Trellix, and their commitment to diversity. https://www.trellix.com/en-us/about/newsroom/stories/perspectives/soulful-work-diversity-in-recruitment-development.html

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