This is an alert and reminder for STEM + women and parents raising girls! Even though this has been talked about for years in many publications, like FastCompany, too many women on Gotara’s platform still think they need to be a perfect match for a job description before applying, as compared to their men counterparts. This mindset of “perfection”, as noted by the Founder of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani, is prevalent in too many STEM + women and might be hampering our DEI efforts.  

 Is the root cause of the need for perfection a lack of confidence? I say, no. In my career experience, and as cited in, the root cause is more related to societal and systemic pressures on girls and women. We have been conditioned to strive for perfection and it is time to turn the tables! 

 One approach to counteracting this “100% mindset” comes from entrepreneur, past CEO, and our recent TaraTalk guest, Natalie Steck, who recommends a 50/50 approach—”if I am qualified for 50% of the job requirements and think I can learn the other 50%, I apply!” 

 I have used this same approach often in my career. I have often switched positions, for example, from project engineer to business process improvement leader or innovation expert to strategy consultant, without all the qualifications. And I have been successful. It worked because I am a voracious learner and love the challenge. Plus, if I can do it, so can you! 

 How can we help reduce the effects of being raised as perfectionists? 
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