Throughout the world, students are preparing to head back to school—whether in person, online, or through some combination of the two—for the 2022–23 academic year. Many have already started. There is no better time to negotiate with your partner to share more childcare and household duties.

According to research, 43 percent of women and 23 percent of new fathers leave full-time STEM employment after their first child. Given that most people become parents during their working lives, it is critical that those of us in STEM + fields do more to retain STEM professionals with children.

There is obviously a lot that organizations can do to support STEM + parents, but it’s also critical to tackle productive conversations at home. So, as the kids head back to school, below are six tips to get your partner to share more childcare and household duties:

  1. RECOGNIZE YOUR VALUE: Work out a win-win solution just like any other negotiation you might do at work.
  2. USE DATA: Create a list with your partner of childcare and household work with a rough estimate of the time and costs involved with each.
  3. EVALUATE WORKLOAD: Each of you should think through your work constraints and demands. Identify what you can reasonably take on yourself. Your partner should do the same.
  4. NEGOTIATE: Work together to see how you can cover all tasks while still meeting the demands of each of your jobs. Help cover each other’s preferences and weaknesses.
  5. LET GO OF PERFECTION: Accept the help even if not done the way you would perform that task.
  6. FILL OUT GAPS: Consider outsourcing if you can afford it—house cleaning, laundry, etc. Embrace knowing that not all gaps can be filled.

The bottom line. You are as important as any other member of your family, and if you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone else. You’ve got this!


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