On the heels of our fearless co-founders, D. Sangeeta and Dana Ginn, shining a light on 20 leaders who have been amazing allies in their impressive STEM + careers, today we highlight another leader!  

We are excited to announce that Meenal Iyer, VP of Data at Momentive.ai (formerly Survey Monkey), has been named Gotara’s Advisor of the Month for September. Iyer, who has been working in data science for over 20 years, became a Gotara Advisor in February 2022. She is part of a strategic team of over 100 women and men advisors who provide counsel to the nearly 20,000 STEM + women on the Gotara platform. As Gotara’s first Advisor of the Month, Iyer has stood out for her ability to provide timely, encouraging, and actionable advice and allyship at pivotal moments in a woman’s STEM + career.  

Just in Time Allyship, Advice, Mentorship 

Part of Gotara’s leading career growth platform for women in STEM + careers is a unique ability to offer laser-focused confidential career advice and mentoring from STEM + leaders within 24 hours of making a request. The advice is always personalized and confidential across long-term, tactical, and urgent areas at just the right time that women need it to advance their STEM + careers. Advisors are anonymously matched to members based on their profiles 


The World Needs More Women in Data Science  

Iyer’s amazing background as a transformational leader in data science and analytics brings a wealth of experience to women and organizations using the Gotara platform. 

Her data science specialties are in the following areas 

  • Data Literacy 
  • Data Monetization 
  • Data Democratization 
  • Enterprise Data & Analytics Strategy Roadmaps (Vision and Execution) 
  • Data Science/Machine Learning 
  • Enterprise Data Management/Governance

With women holding just 18 percent of data science jobs in the United States, having a woman of Iyer’s qualifications as an advisor on the Gotara career growth platform is part of Gotara’s mission to address the gender gap in STEM. 

Individuals can join Gotara for free. For organizations Gotara offers in-depth nanolearning STAR Programs focused on upskilling, mentoring, and coaching with positive impact in 8 weeks. 

Take time today to celebrate Meenal Iyer! And, if you are an ally to Women in STEM leaders who is ready to make a difference, consider becoming a Gotara Advisor today