In celebration of American Business Women’s Day, our fearless Gotara c-founders, D. Sangeeta and Dana Ginn took a moment to shine a light on 10 leaders who have been amazing allies in their impressive STEM + careers.  

In their allyship to Sangeeta and Dana, these 20 leaders not only contributed to their personal and professional growth, but they also championed inclusion which makes strong business sense. They also laid the framework for the creation of Gotara and our mission to address the gender gap in STEM + by reimagining upskilling, mentoring, and coaching through nanolearning. 

Sangeeta’s 10 Allies Who Made a Positive Impact on Her Career 

Dana’s 10 Allies Who Made a Positive Impact on Her Career 

Without allyship, there is no DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) culture. Without DEI, you cannot build the most innovative products and services for people all over the world.  

On the heels of the pandemic and the world needing more kindness than ever, we celebrate Sangeeta and Dana taking a moment to say thank you to these 20 leaders on this special day for women in business, but even more dear to their heart, women in STEM + careers. 

Life is too short! Make sure to tell your allies thank you and keep paying that allyship mindset forward for future women in business Allyship is incredibly important to me and my team. It’s one of the critical reasons why we launched our allyship program last week.  

Who are your allies and why? Celebrate them on this special day! How? Send them a text, an email, or even write your own post on LinkedIn. 

Don’t miss our next Taratalk with Scott Brown who walks the walks regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion and will discuss why allyship is critical in business.